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December 29, 2012


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Free Feral Icons

Sat Dec 29, 2012, 10:53 PM

Ever since I made my lahmpoo icon today, I remembered how much I love doing them.
I know that I could be better, but I just honestly enjoy them.
And now I'd like to do some more, practice practice practice!
I know I'll do better with my tablet, but I still enjoy doing them with my mouse, and with icons that's a tad easier since you're working so close anywho.
So if anyone is interested, I'd love to practice with you!
Completely free of course.

Fill this out please:

Character: (I need a concrete reference please)
Animated or Static?: (if you have a preference as to what the animation would be, you can list it, though warning I may not be able to do it)
Bust or Full Body?:

These will not necessarily be first come first serve. I reserve the right to pick and choose.
Also I'd prefer to do animal designs please. I may try to do human or anthro if the design is particularly striking, though I don't have as much practice.

Kay thanks!

PS I would really appreciate a watch if you'd be inclined for doing them. I would love to get my watchers up, plus you can make sure to catch onto any new deals in the future ^^

examples so far:
Violet Gold Snow Icon by slanderxoxo
Reggie Icon by slanderxoxo
Steph by slanderxoxoPawhket Icon by slanderxoxo
Brokenskull Icon by slanderxoxo
Diablo Icon by slanderxoxo
Nova Icon by slanderxoxo
Kai Anthro Icon by slanderxoxo
Toliver Icon by slanderxoxo

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I would love one, if your still offering. Your icons are beautiful :heart:

Character: Yemmi [link]
Animated or Static?: Animated (The floaty heart one please)
Bust or Full Body?: Full body please
Devangelic Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Characters: [link] and [link]
You can choose either of those two xD
And.... uhm.... static full body or bust please? (whichever you feel like doing)
MangooStudio123 Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Character: [link]
Animated or Static?: Animated
Bust or Full Body?: Fullbody can i ?
:D GIMME! :3 wahaha Can i haz one plz? :3

This Char: [link] ??
Sure babe ^^ :heart::hug:
More details plz?[see form above]
full body and umm if you wanna animate it you can, if you do animate it i kinda like the way yours moves :3
I made dis for joo. If you'd like a different sort of movement I can do another one for you :)
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